Beautiful blankets

We sent some of our wool last fall to MacAusland’s Woolen Mill in PEI. By providing our own wool we get seriously wholesale prices on woolen blankets and yarn. Twelve pounds to a queen blanket. So we sent about three bags full over for blankets (and a few other bags full for yarn) and waited with anticipation through the cold winter for our blankets to arrive (we were forewarned… no complaints!). They are amazing pieces of Maritime culture and tradition and so cozy. The only downside is that unless we have a batch of fleece that is over 400lbs, we don’t get our own wool back. Who knows where those other sheep have been?! Just kidding. But it would be neat to do our own batch as our wool seems particularly nice. We still have about 100lbs from last year so maybe with this year’s clip we can get enough to get our very own Harrier Hill wool blankets.

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