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fowl friday

It was a tough spring for our birds, both here and abroad. A raccoon had been picking off a few of our hens here (the problem seems to haveread more »

our weekend in review

A visit from a few of my favourite people on Saturday – my parents, niece Hannah and nephew Joshua. I LOVE this photo of my more »

nugget channels his inner van gogh

I always knew that Nugget had a certain depth of character unusual in a feline companion. I simply didn’t have concrete evidence ofread more »

SNAPS at the deCoste

Since day one, Dave and I have been beyond impressed with the talent of our photography club. So together with our executive committee, weread more »

on friesian fibre

East Friesians are a specialized dairy breed but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of their wool. While certainly notread more »

slow food

I mentioned yesterday that Dave’s birthday was this weekend. For a guy who has so many hobbies and interests, it’s surprisinglyread more »

our weekend celebrations

It was a fun and exciting weekend here on the farm for a multitude of reasons. To kick things off, Dave got sheared. See Harrierread more »

a day in the life at dalaway farm

There’s nothing I love more than photographing a day in the life. I love capturing moments and actions so familiar they’ve longread more »

dalaway farm sneak peek

While the snow and wind raged outside, I spent the day cozily tucked inside a barn with over 100 lambs. If you think that must have beenread more »