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Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day to Paddie and Slipper, the best dogs we could ever ask for. Our days are filled with twice as much love, happinessread more »

it was better in my head

Tonight I decided I wanted to get a “nice portrait” of Paddie and Slipper. You know, one where they’re both sitting andread more »

how the feud started

How the Feud Started by Arthur Guiterman From The Mirthful Lyre (Harper & Brothers, 1918). Before there were Pineapples, Peaches, orread more »

go fetch!

Paddie & Slipper play fetch with their favourite human, Dave. Happy times are here again now that the snow hasread more »

a walk down the lane

I think it’s safe to say we’ve skipped spring and jumped feet first into summer. It was hot today. So hot, that before dinner,read more »

a smelly dog and the sea

On Friday afternoon Paddie trotted home, head held high, acting like a Queen. We wondered why the extra-jaunty demeanor until she gotread more »

Paddie & Nugget

Sometimes they’re the very best of friends and sometimes… they’re not. Nugget loves to love Paddie. He’s alwaysread more »


You don’t have to be fluent in cat to understand that Mandy has had it up here with this winter. I think her expression pretty muchread more »


I’m oh-so-cute and little and sitting here in the c-c-c-old. Please let me in. Hello? Anyone? Let me in! I’m soooo cuuuuute!read more »

baby it’s cold outside

The only one with the good sense to stay inside on a cold more »

happiness is

A sunbeam on a winter more »