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my, my, hay, hay (part 1)

It’s hay time again. It’s a long couple of days of lifting, lugging, and piling. But first, some fortifying leg hugs fromread more »

in the kitchen

If you were to walk into our kitchen at this very moment, this is what you would see. It’s a lazy, silly day around here after a veryread more »

it was better in my head

Tonight I decided I wanted to get a “nice portrait” of Paddie and Slipper. You know, one where they’re both sitting andread more »

things i saw today before 8am

Dave encouraging Louie III to get on the other side of the fence. The cutest little highland heifer with the cutest little horns eating aread more »

lunch time

Nothing makes pets, farm animals and humans alike happier than meal time here at Harrier Hill. I love the tail swish of happiness. Babyread more »

tiny sparkling jewels

Tiny sparkling jewels refracting rainbows, fragile and unbearably perfect. Pocket-sized miracles that widen my smile as I humble throughread more »

the coop scoop

I know, the title makes it sound like there’s scandal in the hen house. Not really. I just thought it sounded cute. Our chickens roamread more »

Moving Sparkles II and Louie III

It’s times like these that I wish I had gone to 4-H and learned the “proper” way to handle cattle. And then spent theread more »

a ridiculous amount of snow (part 2)

This has been the sort of winter where keeping a smile on your face has become very important. Otherwise, it would be pretty easy to feelread more »

chicken pile

This is the closest to out of the coop I’ve seen them in weeks! I hope you’re heading out for some weekend adventures more »