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cat love/fight

Two years ago we had only one cat and decided that it was time for the sweet but aging ButterCat to mentor his eventual replacement. Enterread more »

a ridiculous amount of snow

We have a LOT of snow. A makes-me-laugh amount of snow because it’s kind of ridiculous how much has fallen this past month. But mayberead more »

scenes from before a storm

Days like today (cold! and all-hours trips to the barn to check on the lambs) the beasts are happier than the beastkeeper. Alright, mayberead more »

the best wedding EVER

Here are our wedding photos. Thank-you Cole and Jakob of Nordica Photography for flawlessly capturing the spirit of our day. Thanks toread more »

tomato & bean

Even with the option to go inside, Tomato & Bean always choose to stay outside in the snow. Their rusty red coats must be warm andread more »

Slipper wins.

(Christine joined me with her camera for some evening chores) Sheep are commonly believed to be lovely, gentle animals. But sheep areread more »

sour puss(es)

It’s a beautiful sunny day here at Harrier Hill. So I’m not quite sure why the cats have their grumpy pants on. Mayberead more »