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Slipper always gets her stick. Luckily for Paddie, she doesn’t mind sharing. ♥read more »

a walk down the trail

It’s a quiet day here on the farm. It’s not quite warm, not quite cool. It’s not sunny but it’s not really cloudyread more »

grumpy bean

Don’t worry, she’s not really grumpy. She just looks grumpy for some reason. I suppose a better word might be cautious butread more »

as noticed this morning

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a more »

our weekend celebrations

It was a fun and exciting weekend here on the farm for a multitude of reasons. To kick things off, Dave got sheared. See Harrierread more »

lamb antics

I don’t know much about the farming side of keeping sheep but I do know a lot about cute. And our lambs are cuuuuute. With theirread more »

the flocking news

Today was a beautiful day. One of my East Friesian ewes delivered triplets (for the second year in a row!) unassisted under sunny seventeenread more »

the view from here

The view from our dining room window. We’re never more »


I love the period of time just after the sun sets but the world is still light. There are no shadows and everything seems to glow more »

slipper and her giant sticks

We have a daily dose of inspiration wrapped up in an endearing black and white package here on the farm. If ever there was a poster dog forread more »

dalaway farm sneak peek

While the snow and wind raged outside, I spent the day cozily tucked inside a barn with over 100 lambs. If you think that must have beenread more »