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New Adventures

Dave’s got his eye on an IT entrepreneurship/incubator program (and wonkyeye will be undergoing a re-branding) which, unfortunately,read more »

my, my, hay, hay (part 1)

It’s hay time again. It’s a long couple of days of lifting, lugging, and piling. But first, some fortifying leg hugs fromread more »

harrier hill farm gate sales (delivery possible)

Our humble little farm produces an excess of certain things at certain times, as all good farms do. Our offering will vary randomly, butread more »

On the fence about fencing

There are a few things about farming that intimidate me and fencing is one of them. I think it’s the diverse variety of strongread more »

Classic overprune? I hope not.

I know it has been at least 5 years since our orchard has been pruned. And possibly much longer. We have a plum tree that is 30 feet more »

Slipper wins.

(Christine joined me with her camera for some evening chores) Sheep are commonly believed to be lovely, gentle animals. But sheep areread more »

meet bean

Yesterday morning, quite unexpectedly, Dave came inside and exclaimed, “I’m a cow Dad!” Whaaaaaaaaat!? I was a wholeread more »

a thaw

My experience tapping maple trees began in earnest last year. I produced two litres of syrup on my wood stove from trees around the houseread more »

Wet Sheep

This is a muddy season in the best of times but last Thursday’s blizzacane with fine horizontal snow propelled at mach 3 didn’tread more »


The difficulty with beginning a story in the middle is knowing where in the middle to begin. An obvious beginning of the middle is uponread more »