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harrier hill farm gate sales (delivery possible)

Our humble little farm produces an excess of certain things at certain times, as all good farms do. Our offering will vary randomly, butread more »

feeding like a ninja

The job is much easier if I can sneak past the sheep and fill the feeders before they notice. I try to tip toe. About half the time I amread more »

I thought they were called SPRING lambs?

Two big little boys born yesterday and doing great. Welcome to the world, guys!  (The Mama was being mighty protective which is why onlyread more »

Slipper wins.

(Christine joined me with her camera for some evening chores) Sheep are commonly believed to be lovely, gentle animals. But sheep areread more »

yes sir, yes sir, five bags full

We’re back (and judging by the influx of inquiries: not missed)! Our original ambitious blogging plan was victimized by our houseread more »

lamb love

You can’t help but smile when you see the lambs curled up next to their Mamas. Or nibbling on their ears. Or standing on their more »

monkey see, monkey do

Perhaps this little lamb has been spending too much time with Slipper? Or maybe they simply share an affinity for more »

happy friday

Happy Friday from all of us here at Harrier Hill. We hope this weekend puts a smile on your face!read more »

sunshine on my shoulders

When I saw this little lamb sitting, smiling, basking in this ray of sunshine, I couldn’t help but think of this song. Mayberead more »

on friesian fibre

East Friesians are a specialized dairy breed but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of their wool. While certainly notread more »

our weekend celebrations

It was a fun and exciting weekend here on the farm for a multitude of reasons. To kick things off, Dave got sheared. See Harrierread more »