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molly says…

Enjoy the long weekend! We’ll be soaking up the sun and generally squeezing every bit of fun and relaxation we can out of the nextread more »

lamb antics

I don’t know much about the farming side of keeping sheep but I do know a lot about cute. And our lambs are cuuuuute. With theirread more »

the flocking news

Today was a beautiful day. One of my East Friesian ewes delivered triplets (for the second year in a row!) unassisted under sunny seventeenread more »

Wet Sheep

This is a muddy season in the best of times but last Thursday’s blizzacane with fine horizontal snow propelled at mach 3 didn’tread more »


The difficulty with beginning a story in the middle is knowing where in the middle to begin. An obvious beginning of the middle is uponread more »