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tea and feathered friends

We both enjoy our bird feeders and try to do what we can to attract wild birds. We offer black oil sunflower, thistle and suet and get allread more »


I’m oh-so-cute and little and sitting here in the c-c-c-old. Please let me in. Hello? Anyone? Let me in! I’m soooo cuuuuute!read more »

a sentimental pause

Dave always rolls his eyes at these sorts of posts but I can’t help it. Sometimes I just have to tell the world how these three makeread more »

happiness is

A sunbeam on a winter more »

before & after: our bedroom closet

We’ve slowly but surely been painting, renovating and generally making over our house to make it a home. When we moved in 4 yearsread more »

chicken pile

This is the closest to out of the coop I’ve seen them in weeks! I hope you’re heading out for some weekend adventures more »

free standing pants

With the weather being so cold and snowy lately, this is an almost daily scene in our porch. I’m not sure why but it cracks me more »

a ridiculous amount of snow

We have a LOT of snow. A makes-me-laugh amount of snow because it’s kind of ridiculous how much has fallen this past month. But mayberead more »

nugget channels his inner van gogh

I always knew that Nugget had a certain depth of character unusual in a feline companion. I simply didn’t have concrete evidence ofread more »

the best wedding EVER

Here are our wedding photos. Thank-you Cole and Jakob of Nordica Photography for flawlessly capturing the spirit of our day. Thanks toread more »

tomato & bean

Even with the option to go inside, Tomato & Bean always choose to stay outside in the snow. Their rusty red coats must be warm andread more »

the best wedding weekend EVER

Thankfully a picture is worth a thousand words because when it comes to our wedding, I still can’t find the right ones to describeread more »