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new york city

While Dave was here holding down the fort, or more appropriately the farm, I spent the last eight days in New York City with my sister. Iread more »

curiouser and curiouser

We went over to our friends Barry & Camille’s place for dinner the other day. Barry put all the lobsters on the table in a bigread more »

our paddie

Sometimes I feel a little guilty about posting so many photos of Slipper and barely any of Paddie. There’s a very good reason forread more »

lamb love

You can’t help but smile when you see the lambs curled up next to their Mamas. Or nibbling on their ears. Or standing on their more »

monkey see, monkey do

Perhaps this little lamb has been spending too much time with Slipper? Or maybe they simply share an affinity for more »


This little firecracker of a cat came to us in a somewhat unconventional way. There is a lady who lives down the lane named Irene. Ireneread more »

grumpy bean

Don’t worry, she’s not really grumpy. She just looks grumpy for some reason. I suppose a better word might be cautious butread more »

happy friday

Happy Friday from all of us here at Harrier Hill. We hope this weekend puts a smile on your face!read more »

sunshine on my shoulders

When I saw this little lamb sitting, smiling, basking in this ray of sunshine, I couldn’t help but think of this song. Mayberead more »

meet bean

Yesterday morning, quite unexpectedly, Dave came inside and exclaimed, “I’m a cow Dad!” Whaaaaaaaaat!? I was a wholeread more »

lemon sugar scrub

My friend Lori makes an amazing sugar scrub. It smells of oranges and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. I’m always sad when myread more »