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cat love/fight

Two years ago we had only one cat and decided that it was time for the sweet but aging ButterCat to mentor his eventual replacement. Enterread more »

focusing on food

One of the main reasons we travel is to eat. With food (and drink!) the observant and educated can experience a bit of a region’sread more »

getting on top of things

It’s been a great winter for getting projects done. I’ve now fixed almost everything on the tractor once so subsequent repairsread more »


We recently acquired a flock of hens with a bonus duck. The person we bought the chickens from also had ducks which he had previously more »

hens hens and more hens

We’ll have to get a bigger picture of the whole flock but we now have chickens coming out the ying yang. A friend ofread more »

scenes from before a storm

Days like today (cold! and all-hours trips to the barn to check on the lambs) the beasts are happier than the beastkeeper. Alright, mayberead more »

Slipper wins.

(Christine joined me with her camera for some evening chores) Sheep are commonly believed to be lovely, gentle animals. But sheep areread more »

yes sir, yes sir, five bags full

We’re back (and judging by the influx of inquiries: not missed)! Our original ambitious blogging plan was victimized by our houseread more »

A walk in the woods

I’ve spent a bit of time in the woods the last few days. I’ve been helping Scott at Sugar Moon tap out, which involves pullingread more »

on friesian fibre

East Friesians are a specialized dairy breed but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of their wool. While certainly notread more »

the flocking news

Today was a beautiful day. One of my East Friesian ewes delivered triplets (for the second year in a row!) unassisted under sunny seventeenread more »

a thaw

My experience tapping maple trees began in earnest last year. I produced two litres of syrup on my wood stove from trees around the houseread more »