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christine & dave

I suppose more of an introduction is required for those of you who don’t know us well. I’m practical about the little things andread more »

we’re paleo and we know it

I am reluctantly paleo. It’s the so-called “caveman diet”. No grains, corn, sugar, caffeine, potatoes, beans, dairy and supposed to be noread more »

Wet Sheep

This is a muddy season in the best of times but last Thursday’s blizzacane with fine horizontal snow propelled at mach 3 didn’tread more »

It’s not chicken photography weather

Our birds give us beautiful eggs. Occassionally I am a doofus and put one in my pocket. And do something I shouldn’t do withread more »


The difficulty with beginning a story in the middle is knowing where in the middle to begin. An obvious beginning of the middle is uponread more »