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My friend Lori makes an amazing sugar scrub. It smells of oranges and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. I’m always sad when my supply runs out and will eagerly accept a jar (or two!) when she’s offering. I’ve been hounding her for the recipe for almost a year now and she will. not. budge. With a gleeful look in her eye she tells me her recipe is top secret and it kills me. Kills me! Aren’t we supposed to be the best of friends!? I admit, it makes me feel a little huffy but I know she won’t tell me precisely because it makes me a little huffy. It’s a big joke now.

So I decided to make my own sugar scrub. I scoured pinterest for recipe ideas – and there are loads of them. Then I looked in our cupboards to see what we had for ingredients. Then I jumbled together a recipe from the only appropriate ingredients we had in the house: organic raw sugar, organic coconut oil and lemons. The proportions are roughly 2 cups of sugar, 1/4 cup of coconut oil and the juice of one large lemon.

The resulting scrub smells divine and works well. I prefer a citrus scent over a floral scent any day so I love how refreshing the lemon snells in the shower. It works too! The only flub I made was putting it in such a big jar. It was hard to fit my hand into the bottom of it as the scrub dwindled.

Yep, for a low-cost, healthy and easy (it takes less than 10 minutes to make) body scrub, this turned out pretty awesome. It’s not as good as Lori’s but it’s definitely a close second.

lemon sugar scrub - harrierhill.calemon sugar scrub - harrierhill.calemon sugar scrub - harrierhill.calemon sugar scrub - harrierhill.ca

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