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A visit from a few of my favourite people on Saturday – my parents, niece Hannah and nephew Joshua. I LOVE this photo of my parents. I think it’s just so… them.

A quick overnight trip to the city on Sunday to catch up with our dear friends Dawn and Spencer. Slipper made a new best friend and the adults drank cocktails out of pineapples. A sushi party on Monday to celebrate Quinn’s high school graduation, Elaine’s birthday and Elaine & Omar’s upcoming trip to Turkey (they leave in a few hours!). We did an impromptu family photo shoot followed by delicious, delicious cake.

harrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caThere’s nothing better than a weekend filled with fun, family, friends, laughter and good food. We’re really lucky. ♥

Nothing makes pets, farm animals and humans alike happier than meal time here at Harrier Hill.

harrierhill.caharrierhill.caI love the tail swish of happiness. Baby cows make a mess when they eat just like baby humans.

harrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caharrierhill.caPaddie enjoying a small salad while watching the pigs.

Always watching. Slipper the supervisor!