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we’re paleo and we know it

I am reluctantly paleo. It’s the so-called “caveman diet”. No grains, corn, sugar, caffeine, potatoes, beans, dairy and supposed to be no alcohol. Christine thoroughly enjoys it. I am surprisingly tolerant. Even when I cheat, grains have lost their hold. We eat well. Baking with coconut and almond flour produces very satisfying results. We make allowances for a glass of wine or two (and/or beer, if required). We’ll likely add back in dairy, potatoes, beans and maybe rice to make it more of a low sugar/grain-free/healthy fats diet. It doesn’t take much reading and experience to see the impact diet has on health and we’ve been cleaning ours up while trying to find something workable that has plenty of flavour and satisfaction. I would encourage anyone to explore options in this direction. There will be plenty of food stories from Harrier Hill. Schedule your reading carefully, with your hunger in mind.

These are crispy coated coconut chicken patties. Yum. No grain doesn’t mean no fun.

  • Sharon Smith - Love hearing your stories about the lambs & now food … can’t wait for some yummy recipes… Thanks for sharing .. Sharon ..ReplyCancel

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