Wet Sheep

This is a muddy season in the best of times but last Thursday’s blizzacane with fine horizontal snow propelled at mach 3 didn’t help much. It’s pretty much wet everywhere. Luckily it’s not too cold and I’m not lambing yet. Even luckier, after last year’s strawless slopfest (hay doesn’t work well for bedding) I bought a 3 year supply of straw so setting up some cozy bedding for the girls doesn’t take too much thought.


“Could you throw my glove back up, please?”


I’m very popular at feeding time.


I hate it when the sheep are wet and this happens.


Wet pants are no fun.


Always in charge of the situation.



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  • enjoyed reading your article in the news, we live in elmfield so we are always interested in community events, I know I will be following your blog !good luck on your farm and congratulations on your wedding!!

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