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Our adventure began in 2011 when we bought the farm. In 2012 we got sheep. Dairy sheep. In 2013 we registered Harrier Hill Farm and officially became Nova Scotia’s newest (almost) sheep dairy. We currently have 40 ewes and plan to grow the flock to a hundred by selecting the hardiest sheep and best milkers in the population. Our ewes are predominantly purebred East Friesians which are a dual (triple?) purpose breed that produce nice lambs and surprisingly lovely wool. Soon, we’ll be shipping our milk off to Cape Breton where Ron the Wandering Shepherd will be making delicious, delicious cheese. Other productive animals include a small flock of laying hens and a few head of cattle. Nonproductive assets include diggity-dogs Paddie and Slipper and cats Buttercat, Nugget and Mandy.

Christine is a professional photographer who grew up in Truro and shoots family, wedding and documentary photographs in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. Dave and Christine met when she was serving tables at Rock Bottom Brewery. Dave jokes that he only found love when he hit rock bottom. Christine rolls her eyes. She dabbles in commercial photography for the likes of Beck and Boosh and Sugar Moon Farm. She has a crafty streak a mile wide and brings joy to all who cross her path.

Dave is the shepherd and doesn’t care that the profession reached its zenith just over 2000 years ago. He’s from Bathurst, New Brunswick and has lived and/or worked in Boston, NY/NJ and Chennai, India. He enjoys photography, cooking, mountaineering, ice hockey and SCUBA diving. He doesn’t enjoy that SCUBA is correctly written in all caps or that his Indian friends think hockey equals field hockey unless he specifically says ice hockey. He doesn’t fault them for it.

This blog will share daily happenings of the farm, food and personal interest variety. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.