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It’s hay time again.

It’s a long couple of days of lifting, lugging, and piling. But first, some fortifying leg hugs from Paddie.

The barn before.

This is literally part 1 of 800.

Fittingly, Dave’s shirt reads “Pick it up, eh!” He’ll be doing lots of that over the next couple of days.

Stay tuned for the part two when the barn is full and Dave doesn’t ever want to see another bale of hay… until next year that is!

Sometimes the pink ladies break free. Usually Paddie is the first one to notice. She loves it when things go amok in the farm yard and a bit of excitement ensues. But it’s not a big deal when the pigs get loose. It’s nothing a bag of slop can’t fix.

The only real problem is getting slobbered if you don’t jump out of the way of a sniffing, curious pig snout quickly enough.