a ridiculous amount of snow (part 2)

This has been the sort of winter where keeping a smile on your face has become very important. Otherwise, it would be pretty easy to feel beaten down by all this snow. It’s a might-as-well-laugh-because-you-don’t-want-to-cry sort of winter. I look out at all the snow and chuckle to myself. We have a RIDICULOUS amount of snow. A straight up, this is crazy, OMG, look at it all, ridiculous amount of snow.

But it could be worse. And of course, this is an unusual winter. One of those winters we’ll always remember. “Remember how much snow fell in 2015?” we’ll ask each other. We’ll reminisce about that time the snowbanks at the end of our lane were 12 feet high. And we’ll laugh and shake our heads and say, “That was a ridiculous amount of snow.”


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