We recently acquired a flock of hens with a bonus duck. The person we bought the chickens from also had ducks which he had previously sold. Days after the ducks were gone he saw a strange looking chick peeking out from under a broody hen. Apparently the hen had sat on a duck egg and (quack!) a duck was born. Just like in the stories he bonded with his hen momma. When asked if we wanted him/her along with the chickens we of course said yes (we seem to say yes a lot).

He came to us known simply as “Duck”. We thought him particularly dashing and thus in need of a name with appropriate dignity. Behold Arthur.


5 thoughts on “Arthur”

  • He is a handsome guy. He has the upright appearance of an Indian Runner duck. Won’t they all be glad when the ground thaws

    • Hi Suzanne! Thank-you for your nice compliment! I have a Nikon Camera and tend to use prime lenses. In this particular instance I was using a D3s and 85mm f/1.4. I work as a professional photographer as well ( so I have good gear for capturing our critters. :)

        • Hi Suzanne – perhaps once we get cleaned up from winter! Although for biosecurity reasons we do not actively encourage it (for example, participating in Open Farm Day.. the animals health comes first!). Get in touch with us once things melt and dry up a bit. :)

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