never a dull moment

While walking through the streets of SoHo in the rain (it may not have specifically been SoHo, or raining), coming back from a desk job and looking around I knew this wasn’t a life forever. I didn’t see anything that made sense for me. I did love almost every minute of NYC and picked up some diverse experiences from the corporate and international worlds (I opened an office in India for my firm and traveled extensively). I moved to Halifax and met a pretty girl but decided that the same career path in a different city also wasn’t what I was looking for. Nothing I had yet done seemed to really matter. Thus, Harrier Hill.

While I remain committed to the idea that one farm does make a difference in supporting values and regions I believe in, I have also increasingly come to appreciate how many problems Canada is creating for itself with short-term thinking. It makes me shake my head to see how we’re valuing our economy over our environment and don’t think they’re connected when all the evidence shows otherwise. When luck offered me the opportunity to run in the upcoming federal election as the Central Nova candidate for the Green Party I briefly hummed and hawed and considered the sacrifices but in the end, I hoped I might help change the nature of Canada’s current debate and outcome.

And then Peter MacKay quit and now I think about winning.

I could go on and on but you’ve probably come here for farming related photos and updates (while tolerating a bunch of cat and dog stuff) so I’ll leave you with a poster for an exciting fundraiser this Friday I’m hosting with the magnetic Ms. Elizabeth May. I’m so honoured she is coming to visit! Please like my candidate facebook page if you haven’t already to follow along on all the action as we lead up to Election 2015 this October. And consider voting for me if you can.




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