slipper and her giant sticks

We have a daily dose of inspiration wrapped up in an endearing black and white package here on the farm. If ever there was a poster dog for she believed she could and so she did, it’s Slipper. Without a second thought, she regularly picks up sticks two, three, fourĀ  times her length and carries them around like they’re no big deal. I always find myself thinking that I could learn a thing or two from her go for it attitude!


2 thoughts on “slipper and her giant sticks”

  • I love this. My dog Pepper also does this– and looks eerily like the other dog in these photos. :)
    On a side note… I have used the term wonky eye for many years and I think we may be long lost siblings. Lol
    Thanks for the pics, they made my day!

    • Hi Erin! It’s funny how many dogs look like our Paddie (or vice versa!). I would love to see a picture of Pepper. :) Maybe both we and our dogs are long lost siblings, haha.

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