tea and feathered friends

We both enjoy our bird feeders and try to do what we can to attract wild birds. We offer black oil sunflower, thistle and suet and get all the usual suspects: gold and purple finches, woodpeckers, mourning doves, chickadees, blue jays, evening grosbeaks and more. This year has been a good year for redpolls and last year we had some snow buntings.

We can hardly keep the feeders full but it’s worth it. One of my favourite parts of the day is drinking tea and watching the birds in the morning. We sit at the island, discuss our plans for the day and watch the birds flit about. Dave likes the juncos best, I like the comical chickadees and squawky blue jays.

It’s probably not good practice to photograph through a window but with the cold weather, I’ve been less than motivated to go outside and patiently wait for the perfect shot. So sometimes I’ll fire off a few easy and cheerful shots though the kitchen window while sitting warm and cosy inside – more for documentary purposes than anything else.

I’ll (almost!) be sad when the trees grow leaves and the birds are less dependent on our feeders. They’re old friends now who are as comforting as my morning tea.


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  • I can certainly relate to this blog!!! Filling the bird feeders and then sitting back watching them feed is one of my most favorite ways to pass the morning – with a cup of tea in hand as well!! I get nothing done when the feeders are so busy! LOL I’m glad Dave enjoys it just as much as you do! I will shovel a path to the feeders before I even worry about getting the car out! LOL I was so excited to see a redpoll last week FINALLY! Looks like your feeders are busy!

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