a day in the life at dalaway farm

There’s nothing I love more than photographing a day in the life. I love capturing moments and actions so familiar they’ve long gone unnoticed. Or if not unnoticed, not necessarily noted as being remarkable. Because it is these quiet, unremarkable moments that when strung together, create the storyline of life.

There is something quite special about the day to day moments of a farmer. When you peer into their lives, you can’t help but feel a sense of wholesomeness and connectedness – to the land, the animals, the circle of life, the seasons, the universe at large. Of all the relationships, people and scenarios I photograph, I have to say that documenting our farmers has captured my heart in an unexpected and delightful way.

On April 1st, I spent the day at Dalaway Farm photographing Ralph along with his daughter Lori and two granddaughters Lena and Hannah. Outside the wind and snow howled but inside the barn, we were warm and comfortable as Ralph tended to his flock. There’s really nothing else like walking into a barn with over a hundred bouncing lambs and their mamas baa-ing full tilt. I’m not sure I could ever find the words to describe it so instead, I’ll let the images do the talking. I hope the sight of Ralph and his girls (human and sheep alike!) warms your heart the way they do mine.


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