A morning stroll and a snack

I have a folder full of pictures to share but once the days (or weeks!) roll by it feels a bit silly to be posting so long after the fact. Not that I’m trying to keep this blog a breaking, up-to-the-minute newsreel of our lives but somehow stories from months ago seem to have lost some of their sparkle (relevance?) by now.

But not this one. These pictures were taken this morning. In blog terms, that’s practically live! It’s the start of hunting season here so we decked ourselves out in orange for our morning walk. Simon’s taken to wearing Dave’s orange toque and it’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He also has a new habit of walking with his hands in his pockets which makes him seem so much older than his years… er, months. (And it’s about the second cutest thing I’ve ever seen!).

Many of our walks include a portrait pit stop. Much to Simon’s chagrin it would seem.

The plane flying overhead was far more interesting!

Look at that belly! I’m 32 weeks and it’s the perfect seat for Simon. ♥

Of course every good walk needs to be followed by a hearty snack. Yogurt and blueberries are a big hit around here as you can see by Simon’s serious looks of concentration.

I hope everyone has a weekend filled with fun adventures and tasty snacks. If you live in a rural area, don’t forget to wear your orange toque!

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