A rainy morning with Simon

A fly on the wall would see this particular routine every morning, not just rainy ones. It simply happened to be raining yesterday when I took these photos.

Usually it starts like this. Boots or sneakers on, often on the wrong feet. Rubber boots are ALWAYS preferred. And this has to happen before breakfast or anything else takes place. Your day isn’t properly started without the appropriate footwear!

Then comes the strategic placement of Mom and Dad’s footwear in the middle of the kitchen floor. I should have taken a photo afterwards of the six pairs of shoes he had piled up. This was early on in the process!

Next comes the constant showing of and pointing at the pile of shoes (or boots as the case may be), the insistence that we absolutely have to put on our boots too!

Or sneakers. He doesn’t care what you wear, he just wants you to put on your shoes. Why? So we can go outside of course!

He can be very persuasive!

And it usually works! We almost always play outside after breakfast. But yesterday it was pouring so he had to content himself with yelling out the patio door. He had a lot to say to Mother Nature about the weather!

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