before & after: dave

Did you know there’s a word for people who love beards? Pogonophile. I’m not sure if I would necessarily identify as someone who loves beards but I do love someone who has a beard. Or did, rather.

Last week, Dave proclaimed that “on the next two back-to-back days where the temperature is above freezing, I’m shaving.” March 10th and 11th were those days. So yesterday found him out on the deck with the clippers slowly shearing off six months’ worth of beard. His first shave since the wedding.

For those of you who might not have seen Dave in awhile, here he is in all his bearded glory.


ta-DA! No beard! (I’m glad he left some stubble).

_DSC5699Then we realized that his hair was looking a bit unruly so the spring shave turned into a spring shearing. The haircut happened this afternoon and I have to admit, I’m still adjusting. I feel taken aback when I see him and can… actually see his face.

_DSC5718Here you go, one more look at Dave’s impressive before & after. You might prefer his before look but I know one person who is going to be thrilled at this turn of events. Yes, I’m talking about Dave’s mother!


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