music for a pluviophile

I am always listening to music. I always have. My Fisher-Price record player was one of my parents’ smartest investments in keeping me occupied as a child (even if it did mean they had to listen to The Lion Sleeps Tonight on repeat for a year). The first time I had my own money ($20 from a birthday party – score!) I went to the mall and straight to Sam the Record Man where I bought the Cocktail Soundtrack (not so bad!) and Tiffany (hey, she was cool in the ’80s!) on cassette. My Mom asked, “Are you sure? You want tapes and not a Barbie?” My little 8 year old heart knew that it was Tiffany or bust.

I think I’ll always slightly prefer John Cougar Mellencamp’s version of Rave On as a nod to my inner budding musciophile but luckily (hopefully?), my tastes have refined over the years. There’s nothing like a rainy day to inspire playlist-making so here you go. Rainy Friday afternoon in May, you are my high school crush and this is my updated version of a mix CD, complete with cover art. I hope you like it.

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