christine & dave

I suppose more of an introduction is required for those of you who don’t know us well. I’m practical about the little things and impractical about the big. Christine is seemingly randomly practical. We’re randomly and impractically in love. It’s fun. Two dogs, Paddie and Slipper, and two and a half cats, Buttercat, Nugget, and Mandy (the outside cat) share our lives and not-quite-big-enough couch. Our days are filled with food, hair, and projects. Christine is a photographer. She takes pictures of life. And weddings (life temporarily whitewashed). It’s fun. I mostly help her with weddings. She secretly wants to be a wartime correspondent, without the war. I think that’s why she sticks around Harrier Hill.


These photos were all taken by the talented Ryan MacDonald (don’t call her mister).


4 thoughts on “christine & dave”

  • I think I connected to you guys via Sugar Moon. I like your blog and you look like a fun couple. I wish you lived next door to me. Of course you probably wouldn’t want to live next door to me. I’m older and don’t have half your energy..and I could never invite you to supper…what the hell is paleo anyway?
    Good luck on your venture. If it warms up I’m going to drive by some day and stare at your place cause I like doing that..staring at places. I always thought I’d like to get a couple of lambs too for my hobby farm..if your ever throwing any out. I will check in from time to time

    • Thanks Annie! Christine and I would love to be your neighbour! You have a great sense of humour which is a characteristic that we strongly value in neighbours.
      Stop by sometime and we can tell you all about paleo and then you can invite us over. :)

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