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While Dave was here holding down the fort, or more appropriately the farm, I spent the last eight days in New York City with my sister. I have a crush on NYC bigger than the city itself and am forever grateful that Dave took me there five years ago and sparked my love affair with the city that never sleeps. Although I suspect he may regret that decision because now I’m constantly bugging him: “Let’s go to NYC!” “When can we go back?” “I have an idea, let’s drive down to New York for a few days!” I’m not sure it holds quite the same allure for him seeing as he lived there for about ten years.

I love it though. The buildings. The people. The food. The art. Everywhere you turn you can see the expression of the incredible human spirit. I think it’s nothing short of wonderful to see so many people from such diverse backgrounds all living together in one place. It’s as though the city itself vibrates with this inexplicable energy and it makes me feel… alive.

This time around, I didn’t bring a camera. It was a liberating decision. Taking eight days away from photography was exactly what I needed and I’ve returned home rejuvenated and ready to tackle wedding and family portrait season. I guess no matter how much you love something, it’s important to take a break. Stepping back allows you to remember why you love it so much I think.

But of course, I can’t just not photograph. I happily clicked away on my camera phone and every last one of these snapshots makes me smile. I truly do ♥ NYC.

harrier hill in nyc

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