A walk in the woods

I’ve spent a bit of time in the woods the last few days. I’ve been helping Scott at Sugar Moon tap out, which involves pulling 2500 maple taps from his beautiful sugar maple and yellow birch forest, and then a quick meander around here today in the midst of all the farm work that spring (and summerlike weather) brings. It was a rich experience. Wildflowers are blooming: first the Spring Beauties and yesterday the Trout Lillies opened up. I saw a bear (I snuck up on the young bear and watched him/her forage for about 20 minutes and then snuck off without it ever knowing I was there!), a bald eagle, our namesake Northern Harrier, two babies bunnies (baby bunnies don’t move like adult bunnies.. I thought the first one was a marmot but I don’t think they live within 1000km of here), and no biting flies! I encourage you to go for a walk.. bring your camera (or not) and go see what nature is unfurling in the woods and fields. With an open eye and heart I guarantee you will be amazed.


Don’t forget your dog if you have one (or more).


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