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Tonight I decided I wanted to get a “nice portrait” of Paddie and Slipper. You know, one where they’re both sitting and looking at the camera, prim and proper like an old fashioned photo. I thought of it because I wrote a quick blip about the importance of posed portraits on my other blog today. I love, adore and encourage lifestyle and documentary photography but once in a while, it’s nice to get a posed shot for posterity.

Well, it didn’t work. It is hot and humid here tonight. I’m not sure what was more suffocating – the humidity or the bugs. The bugs were swarming and snapping and bothering both us and the dogs. Then of course, we made the mistake of bringing out wieners. I was sure they would make Paddie and Slipper look at the camera. Instead, it made them crazy and wiggly and way too excited. It took about five minutes for me to get fed up and call it a day. I think perhaps this challenge is best left to cooler, less buggy days and less enticing treats.

This was the closest we got to a proper sister portrait. They’ll snuggle up tight together every day but when you want them to sit close? Nope.


harrierhill.caThey love each other. They really do.

harrierhill.caOne at a time makes this dog momma much happier and a lot less fed up.

We’ll try again another day!

Yesterday was a special day for the Whelans – my niece and nephew were baptized! It was a beautiful day celebrating both the sacrament and family. It was a warm feeling to hear Father Francesco explain to Hannah & Joshua that through baptism, a seed is planted that will grow into wonderful things and a tiny light is lit that will always help guide their way. I love how intently Joshua is listening in this one. ♥

No celebration is complete without balloons, bunting and cake! The stars of the day. They look like little crusaders! Proud Godparents! Proud grandparents and aunts! Proud Momma and big sister Rhianna! Mom/Nana made these awesome and colourful banners. Like I said, it isn’t a party without cake!

This series of photos makes my heart swell. Joshua loves his Poppa. ♥

It was a special day in so many ways!

It was a tough spring for our birds, both here and abroad. A raccoon had been picking off a few of our hens here (the problem seems to have gone away. I did spend some time trying to “solve” it without any success.) We are also having some chicks raised for us by partners as well as turkeys, a few of whom had the stuffing kicked out of them soon after acquisition by The Fantastic Mr. Fox. The perimeter has been reinforced at their high security, secret location.

I also had a word with them about sticking up for themselves. I think it’s a self-confidence thing.